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An Expert Team Dedicated to Empowering Change


Empowerment is Who We Are

BEE Online started as a small, dedicated online BEE verification agency run by a three-man team. With an outsized passion for empowerment, we’ve endeavored to turn ourselves into a major player in the BEE industry. Our evolution as a business mirrors the evolution of BEE itself.

With changes in legislation and the introduction of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice at the beginning of 2007, we’ve expanded ourselves into a full-service B-BBEE verification and advisory agency servicing thousands of clients and supporting more than 50 families through employment.

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Johannesburg with a passion for creating innovative empowerment solutions. We work with businesses and people to create a stronger South Africa.

Tyrone Naidoo

Group Chief Executive Officer

Narusha Acadasie

Director of Advisory

Hlumelo Mavume

Head of Verifications and Compliance

Dominique Madden

Executive General Manager of Advisory

Haroun Pietersen

National Operations Executive

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Our Verification Approach

Providing You With Premium Value

We conform to the R47-2 and ensure we abide by the set regulations specified ensuring that our integrity, impartiality and ethics are upheld in accordance with our SANAS Accreditation and the BBBEE ACT itself.

Our objectives are to impartially measure and verify the components that are in accordance to the BBBEE Act or applicable Sector Charters.

The Sectors

  • Defense Sector Charter Codes
  • Financial Sector Charter Codes
  • Information and communication Technology Sector Charter Codes
  • Integrated Transport Sector Charter Codes
  • Tourism Sector Charter Codes
  • Property Sector Charter Codes
  • Marketing Advertising and communication Sector Charter Codes
  • Generic Codes of Good Practice
  • Construction Sector Charter Codes
  • Agri-Sector Charter Codes


Going Beyond Every Expectation

Often, people don’t realise that the benefits of being B-BBEE compliant can be significant. Preferential procurement, prioritised access to finance, an upskilled, more efficient workforce and the possibility of economic growth are just some of those benefits.

However we aren’t here to sell B-BBEE. We are here to help you comply. It is our belief that B-BBEE needs to make commercial sense, and we want to ensure that your business is in a position to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

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